Upcoming Events!

The CDC and local government has recommended that people age 65 and older and those with a compromised immune system and underlying health issues stay at home until it is deemed safe.

Turning Leaf Realty is open for business, taking listings and showing homes as Real Estate remains an essential part of our economy and local community.  We have however cancelled all Open Houses as well as our Grand Opening event until the CDC lifts the ban on social gatherings.
In the meantime, we are shifting our efforts to help those most affected by the Corvid 19 outbreak, those in the high risk categories.  It is becoming a daily task for many to go out and secure basic essentials and those at high risk shouldn't be forced from store to store.  TLR wants to do what we can to help those at highest risk by making your shopping trips for you! Please let us know what you need and we will do our best to track it down for you and deliver it.  With shelves bare, we cannot make any promises but at least we can put forth the effort trying so you don't have to be exposed.
If you have items to spare, please consider donating them to the cause.  Not only are items difficult to find, when you can find them they are being limited so if we have 3 clients in need of the same item, that poses an issue trying to secure it. Everything and anything helps!
We know this time is stressful for you and want you to know we are more than just Realtors, we are your neighbors and your friends too!  We look forward to the virus being eliminated and life going back to normal as soon as possible. Until then, know you have extra hearts helping you through.